Mr. Cellophane (xsilverfox) wrote in thearthouse,
Mr. Cellophane

Haiku Tunnel

"The lies are mixing with the truth to form a potent new reality"

I caught Haiku Tunnel last week on HBO. I heard of this film previously but it had never really interested, mostly because I didn't know anything it.

Haiku Tunnel is in an office comedy in the vain of Office Space (an overlooked film itself). Josh Kornbluth plays Josh Kornbluth, a temp trying to go "perm" as a secretary to a tax attorney. However, Josh doesn't adapt well to the position and we follow his mistrials as he tries to successfully adapt.

The funniest part of Haiku Tunnel are the rants by Josh about his life, job, and other random things. Overall a very funny film - highly recommened. (it also goes to the top of my dvd-to-buy list)
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